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Corporate Business Travel Tips:

There are many things to consider when organising a corporate business trip for you or your team. As soon as you have determined your itinerary, make sure you book your plane tickets and hotels as prices can fluctuate massively, leaving you seriously out of pocket if you don't buy wisely. The following tips are also worth thinking about:

Check Your Travel & Health Insurance

Check with your HR department about what sort of things are covered in your corporate insurance policies. You need to be aware of health cover as well as general travel insurances for things like lost luggage or cancelled flights. You should also check with the airline in case to see what cover you get via them. Insurance is particularly important if you are flying with your team on a corporate team building trip where there may be risky activities and more opportunities for broken or lost belongings.

Learn the Language & the Culture

It doesn't hurt to know how to converse with your hosts in their own language. Sure, most people are happy to do business in English but it is good form to acknowledge local dialects, customs and cultural specifics. There is probably an App for your phone that will teach you on the plane and it will help to have a guide book to use at your destination. Common courtesy still goes a long way in the corporate world.

Be Considerate of Local Customs

Make yourself aware of any local customs that might help you avoid any embarrassing faux pas. Understand when to bow, how to dress appropriately, who to address, how and when. Show your hosts you care by doing your homework first.



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